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Thank you for the Tigers rookie cards! I received $50 worth of Tigers rookie cards to send out for ttm autographs for my birthday. My birthday was Friday, and they came Saturday and were ordered on Wednesday. That's fast service! I will definitely buy from you sometime.


Dear Chuck,

Once again you've come through with flying colors.  Ordered that Scott Podsednik rookie from you two days ago and received it already--great card--thanks!  Also...have been remiss in thanking you for the great service last Christmas when I ordered the Fisk and Roethlisberger rookies--they were beautiful cards--actually, better than I expected.  I will certainly be ordering from you in the future.  Keep up the good work!

Hello, Mr. Kemp
    I just wanted to thank you for you quick and accurate service.  The service is second to none!! I ordered two baseball cards from MLB.com and it took a total of 8 business days just to get to my house and I was disappointed in the quality of the cards.  When I order from you web site the cards arrived in the same condition as promised and the shipping is excellent.  For example, I ordered several baseball cards on weekend and I received them same MON!!!  I recommend ANYONE to buy baseball cards or any cards from your site.  The quality and service is #1.
Thank you,

Dear Mr. Kemp,

I have visited your homeruncards.com website many times now and have made a handful of purchases (which have been smooth and timely), and I must say that your website is head and shoulders above the other card sites I have browsed.  There is simply no comparison!  The layout of your website is organized, focused, logical and straightforward and is perfectly helpful during the purchasing experience because it provides all of the details necessary to make a sound purchase:  card condition, photograph of card, price, and an explanation when necessary (i.e. the 97 Fleer Ultra David-Arias Ortiz rookie).
I must say I also appreciate the product mix of homeruncards.com.  You realize that there is a hobby beyond platinum and chrome.
Thank you for your time and efforts.
Your customer,
Joseph M. Giorsetto

Hi Chuck: Just wanted to thank you for the Sosa cards that we got earlier this week. My son is ecstatic.

Chuck...When I got home from work last night, I found the cards I 
ordered waiting for me in my mail box. They're gorgeous! I couldn't 
be happier. They are exactly as advertised....Mint! You are my vendor 
of choice for my drug of choice...baseball cards.


I received the Russ Ortiz cards Monday and they were awesome! My friend and I 
love Russ Ortiz, so as a birthday gift, I gave her half of the cards and 
placed them into those little baseball helmets Baskin Robbins used for 
sundaes. She loved them as well! Expect me to become a regular customer. Keep 
up the great work and good luck! 


Hey Chuck!
Got my order today, the cards
look great! Thanks for a smooth 
process. Hope to order more soon. 
Appreciate doin business with you.

-Aaron, a satisfied customer-

I received the cards a few days ago. They were exactly what I was looking for. Excellent cards in great condition. I've been trying to get cards of him as a Yankee manager for a while.

I've kept your business card and bookmarked your site. I hope to place
future orders.

Your site was easy to use, you shipped very quickly, and the option of paying with PayPal is great.

Thanks again.

- Neil Berger

Chuck , I received my baseball cards today and I want to thank you for a great
selection and for fast service. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I look
forward to do business again .Thanks again..

Lyle C. Winkler


received my order yesterday the cards are great!!!!!! thanks alot
these are some great additions to my collection
iLL keep checking your website for more additions

thanks again

Hi Chuck,

I received the cards yesterday. As usual, they are great. Thanks!!


Thanks so much for the cards, Chuck. They're all in great shape, and the 
inclusion of a few old wax packs was a generous bonus. I appreciate the way 
you run your business. Take care..

Sincerely, Adam Stillwell


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